Our smartwatch is coming soon

Our smartwatch is coming soon

We are delighted to announce that we are counting the days until the release of our new smartwatch.

Teltonika Telemedic dedicated more than a year to create this medical watch with an exceptional set features and design. Recording of a 6-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) and detection atrial fibrillation are currently under development, as smartwatch now undergoes the final technical checks and certification procedures. Obtainment of a medical certificate should pave the way for mass production and professional use.

Clinical trials were carried out of our wearable device and delivered outstanding results demonstrating high accuracy of ECG recording – 99,2% compared with in-hospital ECG holters. It indicates high specificity to distinguish atrial fibrillation from other arrhythmias reaching 99,1 %, tested with more than 30 % of patients with frequent arrhythmias exposure. These results improved since our first testings.

The use of PPG in continuous monitoring of heart activity will allow detecting irregular heart rate in a timely manner even if there are no symptoms felt. Thus, the smartwatch would detect asymptotic atrial fibrillation and prevent heart diseases if patients subscribe to medication in time.

Here is a sneak peek of TeltoHeart 1 design!

Our smartwatch is coming soon

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The information contained in this website does not constitute a binding description of TeltoHeart Watch1 or its functionalities. The TeltoHeart Watch1 is at continuous development stage, therefore, any information provided in this website may be subject to change at Teltonika Telemedic’s sole discretion.