Teltonika Telemedic has launched EU project activities in creating an ALV device

Teltonika Telemedic has launched EU project activities in creating an ALV device

By joining the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, TELTONIKA TELEMEDIC, UAB has launched European Union investment project No. 01.2.1-LVPA-T-858-01-0009. The project comprises the creation and validation of a prototype of the artificial lung ventilation device. 

Teltonika Telemedic has launched EU project activities in creating an ALV device

For the last year, the world has been witnessing an enormous spread of viral infection COVID-19. The most severe form of disease manifests in respiratory disorder that requires artificial lung ventilation (ALV). Thus, we are joining the battle against the pandemic by providing an innovative device that is accessible to all. 

During the project, we will create an innovative artificial lung ventilator that not only executes essential functions, but also allows to non-invasively and continuously monitor the partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood. Additionally, we are planning to integrate remote control and data monitoring system into the device.

Application of ALV many two challenges. Firstly, when lung injury progresses, there is an emerging need to switch the modes of ALV devices. For this, collecting blood samples in a laboratory is mandatory to identify partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2). Given the growing number of COVID-19 cases, medical staff is confronted with a significant workload in terms of conducting timely blood sample-taking and switching modes of ALV. The effectiveness of our ventilator will allow us to save considerable time and flexibly arrange workload.

This project will see the development of ALV device, designed to facilitate the management of adjustment measures for hypoxaemia, to reduce the number of preventable deaths. In addition, non-invasive PaO2 measuring device and module for remote switching of ALV modes will be developed and tested. The experimental testing of artificial lung ventilator will comprise the evaluation of accuracy for the non-invasive method of measurement of oxygen partial pressure in arterial blood, evaluation of effectiveness and accuracy of module for remote switching of ALV modes.

New insights, developed in the course of the project, will allow further research which would lead to the fundamentally new approach and technology. This will be the basis for the establishment of an innovative medical monitor for the wide market.

Funding of the project: The project is funded by the European Reagional Development Fund. Funded as the EU's response to COVID-19 pandemic.
Project implementation period: 15-01-2021 – 15-12-2021
Project value: 1 046 542,76 EUR